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Poll Results To Date

November 17, 2009

I posted the unofficial poll a few weeks ago and left it out there to see how many responses we would receive.  It appears 12 people responded.  Out of the twelve, 9 dogs had Mast Cell Cancer, either grade II or III.  Of the eight people who answered the question would you recommend that a friend look into Palladia, 7 said yes.  That means 4 did not answer the question.  I will assume that they are undecided.

The reponses as to the results and side effects of Palladia seem to be across the board.  Please click on “View Results” under each question to see what I mean.  Also, I think I scared a few people off just by listing the side effects.  That was not my intention.  I probably should have added a question about the severity of the side effects.  While some side effects can be serious, many are mild and do not affect the dog’s comfort level or activity. 

It is still early.  We all hope as the oncologists and vets gain more experience with the drug, it will help many dogs.  I’ll leave the poll up so maybe more people will respond.  Good luck to everyone out there battling this disease.  Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you.


Tell Me About Your Dog’s Experience With Palladia

October 28, 2009

By now you have likely read about Rosie’s positive experience with Palladia.   If not, please read the other posts first.  If you have read comments on my site or on the Dog Cancer Blog Site or other sites, you will see both positive and negative experiences with Palladia.  I thought it would be interesting to summarize others’ experiences.

If your dog is also being treated with Palladia, feel free to participate in this unscientific poll.  Only complete the survey IF your dog is either currently taking Palladia or has taken Palladia in the past.

This is a completely UNscientific, unauthorized, un-everything else poll.  Only the information of those who choose to participate is collected.   I am not associated with Pfizer.   These results are NOT representative of actual studies of Palladia.  

I’m just one dog owner who is curious about the experiences of other dog owners in my similar situation, and thought this would be the quickest method to summarize the information.