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Happy Adoption Anniversary Rosie!

December 23, 2009

One year ago today, December 23, 2008, Rosie became a treasured family member.  I traveled about 3 hours to pick her up.  She trotted up to me, wagging her tail, sat down on my feet, and leaned against me, looking up with those big brown eyes.  It was love at first sight.

Rosie brought our family much more than any of us ever expected…..more love, joy, laughter, and fun that we could have imagined.  She can be very playful and fun or very cuddly and loving.

Looking back, even if I knew that she would have cancer 6 months later, I would adopt her all over again.

Most likely if you are reading this blog you understand how I feel.  You love your dog because you are researching treatment options for your dog.  However, if there is anyone who does not have a dog or would like to add another dog to the family, please consider adoption.

It is easier now to find the perfect pet through PetFinder,  We found Rosie through PetFinder.   Won’t you give a dog in need a loving home?  Maybe you could foster a dog through the holidays so they have a warm place to sleep.  To find one, click

If you are unable to adopt or foster a pet, won’t you help feed one?  It is easy.  Just click on this link once per day:

Prayers to everyone whose pet is struggling with cancer and to those whose “kids” have passed on.  May you find peace and comfort during the holidays.


Rosie’s Adoption – A Christmas Gift

August 26, 2009

We adopted Rosie 2 days before Christmas 2008.   I found Rosie on and my sister coordinated the adoption arrangements in Georgetown and the rest is history.  She was originally going to be a Christmas present for my husband, Dave.   However, Mr. Nosy saw one of my emails to the adoption agency and was not happy.  “A dog was going to be too much responsibility.  It would tear up the place.”  Blah, Blah, Blah.  

Well, Rosie was the model canine…..well behaved, house-trained, and loving.  She didn’t jump, chew, or dig.  Her only vice was pulling on the leash when you walked her, as well as giving you slobbery kisses (although that is very sweet and not a vice)….but I am probably a bit biased.

As soon as he saw her Dave and Rosie were best friends.  Rosie met the rest of the family on Christmas Day and it was love at first sight.  My Mother now calls Rosie the family dog as everyone in our extended family loves her.  My Mother-In-Law who previously didn’t care for dogs that much, absolutely fell in love with Rosie and won’t let Dave and I visit unless we bring Rosie.   She calls Rosie her granddaughter.

So within 2 days Rosie was part of the family and in our hearts.  That is why even though we have only had Rosie a short time, we are not ready to let her go and will do all we can to help her fight this cancer.

Rosie's all smiles with her bandana

Rosie's all smiles with her bandana

Hello world! Let me introduce you to Rosie

August 25, 2009
This is my favorite picture of Rosie.

This is my favorite picture of Rosie.

This is the story of Rosie’s road to recovery from cancer.  Rosie is our friendly, furry, four-legged child…..our loving yellow labrador retriever, adopted in December 2008.    Rosie was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor Cancer in June 2009, and this is the story of her journey with the newly released doggie chemo drug from Pfizer called Palladia.  Since Palladia was so new, I wanted to document Rosie’s progress on the drug and hopefully others will benefit from her experience.  We are very excited and thankful that this newly FDA approved canine cancer drug is available.  We are very thankful for Palladia’s success in sending Rosie’s cancer into remission.  To contact Rosie’s Mom, email