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Veterinary Cancer Society Meeting and Palladia

October 26, 2009

After Palladia was approved this past June, it was difficult to find much information about personal experiences with the drug.  However, veterinary oncologists met at the Veterinary Cancer Society meeting recently in Austin, Texas and some are starting to write about it.  Here’s one vet’s take on the discussion of Palladia treatment and side effects experienced.  Hopefully, we will hear from more vets.  If anyone has received additional information from their oncologist who has attended the meeting, please write a comment to share information with those seeking information regarding mast cell treatment and Palladia.


National Cancer Institute – Learning From Dogs

October 23, 2009

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) published a report stating that studying pet dogs with cancer could help determine how to diagnose and treat cancers in people.  Read more about it here.

Rosie’s “New Normal” Life

October 19, 2009

Rosie is not the only dog that has done well on Palladia.  The Today Show did a follow-up story on Palladia.  It is extremely positive.  In my opinion, I think they should have made people aware of some of the most common possible side effects, but said “Buddy” the featured 10-year-old Golden Retriever did not have any.  Anyone researching Palladia needs to be made aware of these side effects and discuss them with their oncologist.  It is still a good video.  Here’s the link to the Today Show Video.

Rosie is doing great.  However, the definition of “normal” has changed in our house as it relates to Rosie and her treatment.  Her daily routine is 4 small meals a day with medicine before, during, and after each one.  The reason she has the 4 small meals is to make it easier on her stomach while she takes Palladia.  My “normal” evening is now spent fixing several “lunches” for Rosie for the next day. 

Since Rosie has to eat and take medicine 4 times per day, we only leave her at home during the day if one of us can go home for lunch.   On the days we can’t make it home for lunch, either she will stay with a family member or she will go to doggie daycare. 

The oncologist said that since her blood counts were normal that it was o.k. for her to be around the other dogs.  The folks at our doggie daycare, Barks 5th Avenue,, have been great.  Rosie always likes going there.  They love her, give her belly rubs, and feed her and give Rosie her medicine during the day.  We are very grateful to their owner because she is the one who first discovered Rosie’s lump.  It was so tiny at that time, I would not have thought anything of it.  Thank goodness she recommended we take Rosie to the vet.  I don’t know where we would be today if she had not notified us.

I feel like our house has turned into Rosie’s pharmacy.   Rosie takes 6 medicines, counting the Palladia.  The other 5 are to prevent side effects from both the cancer and Palladia.  See post “Week 2 after 2nd Palladia Chemo Dose” for a list of her meds.

Life goes on.  I just received Rosie’s Halloween Costume in the mail.  It is sooooo cute….and she looks cute in it.  However, that will be the topic for another post.  Stay tuned!

Week 6 Oncologist Follow-Up – “Normal As Normal Can Be”

September 29, 2009

YEAH!!!   HOORAY!!!!   WHOOHOO!!!!  No signs of Cancer!!!!  Yippee!!!     Go, Rosie, Go!!!!!  Yeah!!!!

OK.  Let me get ahold of myself.   I’d like to compare Rosie’s situation 6 weeks ago to today. 

Six weeks ago Rosie was diagnosed with:  “Mast cell tumor grade 2, right inguinal area removed x 2 (2 tumors) with documented metastasis to the right inguinal lymph node, mitotic index of 20 per 10 high-powered fields.”  My layman doggie mama interpretation of this is that she had 2 Mast Cell Tumors (lumps) in her lower abdomen which were removed, but the cancer spread into the nearby lymph node and surrounding tissue.  The high mitotic index might indicate an aggressive cancer.

Six weeks ago her 2-week old surgery incision on her lower abdomen was red, ulcerated, and not healing.  Today it appears to be healed.

Six weeks ago the ultrasound showed another lymph node in her chest was enlarged, but it was in a location where they could not aspirate or biopsy.  Today the ultrasound showed that all lymph nodes were normal.

Six weeks ago the ultrasound showed a tiny spot on her spleen.  Today the ultrasound showed everything normal.

Six weeks ago while at the oncologist, Rosie was acting as if she did not feel well.  Today Rosie appears to feel great.

Six weeks ago the oncologist thought that Rosie might only live another 2 or 3 months if we did nothing.  Today, who knows?  I didn’t ask that question.   There appear to be no signs of cancer today and I’m happy with that.

So, what was the difference between 6 weeks ago and today?  6 weeks of chemotherapy treatment with the newly FDA approved chemo drug for dogs called Palladia.

Needless to say, my family and I are ECSTATIC!  This is the best news we could receive. 

Now for the disclaimer.  Please realize that this is only one dog’s experience and not necessarily representative of all dogs experiences with this drug.  I am NOT a vet.  I have NO knowledge or expertise regarding this disease or treatment.  I’m just one dog’s mama trying to do the best I can for my dog; and I’m just sharing our one dog’s experience.  Hopefully, you will not be in this situation; but for those who are, I hope this will help you ask questions and further your dialogue with your dog’s oncologist.

Hello world! Let me introduce you to Rosie

August 25, 2009
This is my favorite picture of Rosie.

This is my favorite picture of Rosie.

This is the story of Rosie’s road to recovery from cancer.  Rosie is our friendly, furry, four-legged child…..our loving yellow labrador retriever, adopted in December 2008.    Rosie was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor Cancer in June 2009, and this is the story of her journey with the newly released doggie chemo drug from Pfizer called Palladia.  Since Palladia was so new, I wanted to document Rosie’s progress on the drug and hopefully others will benefit from her experience.  We are very excited and thankful that this newly FDA approved canine cancer drug is available.  We are very thankful for Palladia’s success in sending Rosie’s cancer into remission.  To contact Rosie’s Mom, email