This is the story of Rosie’s road to recovery from cancer.  Rosie is our friendly, furry, four-legged child…..our loving yellow labrador retriever.    Rosie was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer in June 2009, and this is the story of her road to recovery with the newly released doggie chemo drug from Pfizer called Palladia.  Since Palladia is so new, only released to oncologists last month, I wanted to document Rosie’s progress on the drug and hopefully others will benefit from her experience.


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  1. benbuzzwilbur Says:

    Thank you so much for publishing Rosie’s experience with canine cancer. It is, at least, giving hope to people like me. My baby ben, 13yrs old, recently had his spleen removed. He had a hemangiosarcoma tumor on it that ruptured. Unfortunately it did spread to the fat and lining of the abdominal cavity. Good news is the tumors are very small, and no sign of cancer in any of his organs. They say that at this point traditional chemo has not shown to be of much help. This is why we are trying Palladia. Already having a delicate tummy, he is eating chicken and rice. After one week of treatment there has been no side effects. Blood tests tomarrow. Rosie is lucky to have a mom like you. Thank you again

  2. rosiesmom Says:

    Good luck to you and Ben. It is tough to go through. Ben is lucky to have you. Did your vet give you any other medicine to help protect Ben’s stomach? From others whom I have corresponded with, that seems to be pretty common for dogs on Palladia. Keep us updated on Ben’s progress.

    • benbuzzwilbur Says:

      Ben’s first blood work was done this morning. He looked great!. He is on 115mg Palladia, he also takes two Prilosec 2X day. We are introducing kibble back into his diet tomarrow. I hope he handles it well. I forgot to mention he is a Yellow Lab.

  3. Zero's mom and dad Says:

    I found your blog today and am excited to see your progress…it gives me hope. I’m not sure if this is the correct way to post as I am not really familiar with blogging, so let me know if I am doing this wrong:) Zero is a 8 1/2 year old black lab who may be trapped in a cats body (9 lives and all). We took him home at 7 weeks, at 2 he was diagnosed with Valley Fever (we live in AZ) and almost died. He has since had valley fever 2 more times and responded well. Zero is not your typical dog and his immune system is wierd. He is a carrier of Valley Fever and doesn’t present in the same manor that 98% of the dog population does, so why would we have expected MCT to present any differently. In April 2010 he had a small mass removed that was “pre-cancerous” if left too long, we thought we were clear. In September he presented with numerous small tumors all over his body, but not removable through surgery as it would have killed him. His regular vet and the oncologist said they had never seen anything like this and their not be cancer systemically. I know you mentioned your oncologist who moved to AZ, we see Dr. Lynda Beaver who is just amazing at AZ Vet Specialists!! We treated Zero with 16 weeks of combo chemo and he responded fantastic and was given a clean bill of health on 12/23 (a great X-mas present). Six weeks later he presented with a swollen lymph node that was diagnosed as grade II or III MCT, chemo didn’t work this time. 3 weeks ago he ends up in the ER and we were pretty sure he would need to be put to sleep which was completely devasting as he had no use of his back legs. Within 4 hours of coming to terms with this ending our boy was walking around at the vet and begging for treats (they spoil him there), so we bought him home and started Palladia the next day. He is our only child and we are very lucky to have the means to try and fight this. He has had a lot of set backs since his ER visit, so I am looking to you for your experience. I am a pharmacist and can treat the human, but this is new to me. I don’t feel it is Zero’s time yet and am looking for what others have gone through. Set backs and wierd things that might have occurred along the way.
    Zero has been on Palladia every M, W, F for the last 3 weeks and the Dr feels he is responding. He takes Prednisone the other days and is on Benadryl, Prilosec, milk thistle, same E, gabapentin, and tramadol and metronidazole when needed and cerenia before Palladia.
    Did you or anyone exeperience set backs in the beginning of treatment, such as decreased appetite for the dog’s regular food, but not people food, sores that seem to exacerbate the situation. How have others enticed their dog to not be picky (I know you mentioned a special diet)? When did you feel like the treatment was working, was there anything in particular?
    I really appreciate your time!!

    • rosiesmom Says:

      Zero’s Mom,

      Don’t worry. You are doing everything right. It sounds like Zero is receiving the best of care and you should be commended for that. Continue reading through the blog. I documented all of Rosie’s oncologist vists from the beginning. Click on Category: “Oncologist Visits” or “Treatment Updates” and it will bring up all the postings. Your oncologist will give you feedback as to how it is working. We found out at 6 weeks of treatment that Rosie was in remission and she has remained so ever since. Our oncologist told us that usually if dogs have side effects they will see them early within the first couple of weeks. With regard to eating that has not been a problem for Rosie. She will eat anything anytime. However, there is a good support group on yahoo of folks who can offer great suggestions on how to get your dog to eat and take their medicine. It is located at http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Canine_Mast_Cell_Tumor/. You will be asked to join and the moderator will contact you. Good luck to you and zero.

  4. kathy kear Says:

    Hello- I have read through most of your blog and have many questions as my girl has started on Palladia 1 month ago. she had one tumor removed- High grade 2 they called it with Mitotic index of 8. Another small MCT showed up on her eyelid right after the surgery. My biggest question to you – is how is Rosie today? I have not seen a post in some time and am quite curious to know how she is doing. Thank you very much, Kathy

    • rosiesmom Says:

      Hi, I’m sorry about your girl. I’m sending prayers your way. Rosie is doing great…still cancer free and has been for several years now. I have not updated because I had to take care of my elderly Mother and did not have much time to update this blog. However, I leave it out here so hopefully it helps others.

  5. kathy kear Says:

    Thank you for your response. I am very sorry to hear about your ailing mom. You are obviously a person with great compassion and a care taking heart.
    When you have time- no rush- could you tell me how long Rosie has been off the chemo ( Kinevet I think?) and how long was she on the chemo protocols total?
    My girl’s oncologist wants her to be on Palladia a year. I had no idea until recently that she would be on it this long. He said studies show that when dogs are on it less- the cancer comes back and the chemo is not effective anymore.
    Thank you so much, Kathy

  6. Carrin Says:

    Just an update. It was Dec 2011 when Osiris was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. Even with surgery and Palladia he was only given 6 months to live.
    It’s been a year and a half off of Palladia and he is doing fabulous! He’ll be 13 in a couple of months.
    We’re just so happy!!!

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