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Rosie Turned 14 and is Still Cancer Free

May 15, 2014



It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since Rosie was diagnosed with cancer. We adopted her 2 days before Christmas 2008 when she was 8 years old.  In June 2009 she was diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors. It was a month after her 9th birthday. I could tell by the look on my vet’s face, it was not good.  We took her to a veterinary oncologist and they told us, if we did nothing, she would have 2 months to live. If we did chemo, there was a 30 something percent chance of success.

However, the same month Rosie was diagnosed, a new drug called Palladia, was released specifically for Rosie’s type of cancer. However, there were a LOT of unknowns at the time.  Even so, It was absolutely the best option we had. For us, it was the answer to a prayer.

In August of 2009 Rosie started on the Palladia.  She was on it for a couple of months.  Then she was declared cancer-free. However, at the time, they thought the dog would have to take the Palladia for the rest of her life.  She she continued on the Palladia for over 2 years until at one check up they checked her blood pressure and it was sky high.  It was the Palladia.  Once they took her off of it, her blood pressure went back to normal.

After 5 years I cannot tell any lingering side effects.  The blood pressure was the most worrying but did not last.  Most side effects stopped after she went off of the Palladia.

If I were to do it again (which I hope I never ever have to) I would take the same course of action.

I’m sorry I have not kept up with the latest treatments these last few years.  We have been busy just living life.

For more information, I recommend joining the Canine Mast Cell cancer group on Yahoo.

I don’t check this blog very often any more.   I recommend the above group for questions and discussions.

And Rosie has been cancer free since October 2009.  It is now May 2014 and she turned 14 this month and is still cancer free.