Merry Christmas 2011 From Rosie’s Family to Yours

Rosie's 2011 Christmas Photo


Rosie’s Christmas photos came in last week.  This is another reminder of how blessed we are to have Rosie with us.  It was August 2009 when Rosie was diagnosed, the second time, with Grade II Mast Cell Tumors, with an estimated 2 months to live.  Here we are at Christmas 2011 and Rosie is alive , healthy and cancer free!  Thank you to the folks at Pfizer who made Palladia, Rosie’s vet and oncologists who have treated her through this disease, and to our friends and family who supported us.  Merry Christmas to everyone from Rosie and her family!

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18 Comments on “Merry Christmas 2011 From Rosie’s Family to Yours”

  1. Nicky Pound Says:

    Rosie you look beautiful, Jack is doing well and getting into mischief and stirring up his younger brother, he goes crook on us when we are late with his dinner, it has been one 14 mths that he has had his lymph node cancer and next month it will be 12 mths since he was correctly diagnosed, I still feel angry about his misdiagnosis but am thankful that we have palladia and a great Oncologist and Surgeon.

  2. rosiesmom Says:

    Nicky, congratulations to you and Jack that he is doing so well 14 months later. Trust me, there are many whose dogs were diagnosed at that time that were not nearly as fortunate. Celebrate that Jack is currently healthy and enjoying life! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and I pray that 2012 brings you and Jack good health and happiness!

  3. Joanie Says:

    I am so grateful that you have shared Rosie’s journey and happy she is doing so well! Having a support group is paramount in the treatment. Thank You… My 13/1/2 year old dog Pal, was diagnosed with mesothelioma just this past Nov, 2011. YEAH for Palladia….After 7 doses he is in remission and doing very well despite a bumpy start on Palladia. Pal had a really hard time with GI upset in the beginning of Palladia. Lots of nausea, diarrhea, no appetite and lethargy etc. All the symptom reducing drugs were just not doing much. We reduced his dose by 5 mg and dosing to Monday and Fridays only and introduced low dose (5mg) prednisone on his non Palladia days. Magic prednisone! His appetite is back to piggy status, activity normal, and just an occasional bout of diarrhea. We will go back to the Mon, Wed, Fri Palladia schedule this week and watch. We have an amazing and brilliant oncologist who guided us through this and we are now doing so much better! Funny you talk about BP. Last 2 weeks, Pal was getting very minor nose bleeds in the night, just a few drops. I brought him in and to evaluate and first thing the vet wanted to check was BP. She was spot on and he too is now on low dose BP med. Not sure if this is from Palladia or old age or the fact that he may have Cushings…but whatever the case, he has stopped nose bleeds for now. Palladia is succesfully treating so much more that Mast Cell Tumor and what a gift! I know we all have a limited time with our pets, but we now have options. 13 1/2 is considered old for a large dog but Pal is pretty youthful. Must be all the love and chicken. Please keep us posted and pats to Rosie…Joanie and Pal

  4. Nancy McDonald Says:

    Hi Rosie’s mom!
    What a great shot of Rosie! Congrats on her wonderful health! What a relief and joy it must be for you.
    Bow is 9 months cancer free; came off Paladia last April so coming up one year. He will have another major check-up then so fingers crossed, all! He is so happy; you can tell he is off the drugs and being himself again. Yes, thank heavens for the drugs. I switched him to Blue Buffalo dog food; give him a liver flavored pill from the vet clinic for arthritis, and a benedryl every day. He and his brother Rain get the same. I also read The Cancer Diet for Dogs by Dr. Dressler and feed them cooked broccoli, asparagas, and chicken on occasion as treats. I have cut down on the doggie biscuits.
    We are so lucky that he went into remission and I hope that nasty Mast Cell Cancer does not come back. Bow will be 10 on August 3rd. Another positive story…thanks for your blog. So happy for you and Rosie!
    Nancy, Bow’s mom (Larry and Rain say congrats too!)

  5. Nicky Pound Says:

    We have just found out that jack’s tumour has increased by 50% in the last 3 months, palladia has been ceased and a new chemo started, I am finding it hard to keep up faith and hope although he is looking and behaving well. I am trying to think along the lines that we are just back to square one the same as we were a year ago after surgery.

    • Nicky Pound Says:

      Jack has been started on masivet and is doing well with no side effects if anyone knows of any success stories please let me know as it will keep me positive.

      • rosiesmom Says:

        Nicky, I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I am sorry to hear that Jack’s tumor has grown. However, I’m glad they have another option and I pray that the Masivet works. I have heard success stories of dogs who have taken it. If you haven’t already, I recommend joining the yahoo dog cancer group and there is also one specifically for mast cell cancer. I bet you can find some people who have had success with the masivet there.

  6. Melissa Says:

    I am SO glad to hear Rosie is doing well. It gives me a lot of hope. Sauly, my 12 year old lab, was just diagnosed today with a recurrence of Mast Cell II high grade tumor in his belly (the same place it was before). We did the surgery and chemo for the first diagnosis and are now opting to use Palladia for this round. I hope it will be enough to save him. He is my soul. Wish him luck!! His first dose is tomorrow. 🙂 FIGHT!

  7. Nicky Pound Says:

    4 weeks on the Masivet and the tumour has started shrinking! Jack has lost 500grams (down to 5.7 kg) although this is a healthy weight for Malties, the extra weight would benefit him in case he gets sick, he has been given permission to eat more which won’t be a problem for him! He is still acting like a puppy playing his games of chasies. He is even being assertive and barking at us when we are slow with the biscuits or food!

  8. Debb Mullen Says:

    Hi, I found this site today and wanted to say thank you. I am joining the yahoo mast cell group that you recommended. My 8-year old mixed breed, Cash, was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on his lower lip in October. He has had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy with vinblastine.He seemed to be doing well, then last week bumps appeared on his head (they are now all over his body). He was re-checked with a spleen aspiration (as well as the bumps) and I got the results today that the cancer has spread. He just started palladia last night. It was good to see so many positive comments about palladia.I am trying to stay hopeful that we will have a good outcome and that I will get more years with him.

  9. nicky pound Says:

    Jack passed away today and but lasted longer than we thought he would, up until yesterday he was still eating well and happy, but he had nerve damage to his bladder and bowel.

    • rosiesmom Says:

      Nicky, I’m so sorry for your loss of Jack. Please know our thoughts and prayers and sympathy are with you and your family. He was lucky to have you to take such good care of him.

      • Nicky Says:

        We have a 2 month old puppy Charlie who looks and behaves like Jack and George, he shares the same bloodline, we still cry for Jack and kiss his picture and casket every day. Now George knows what it was like for Jack when he was lumbered with George!

  10. Claudia S. Gunter Says:

    Hi there, I am so glad that I found this site today! We have a golden retriever, 7yo that started Palladia a few months ago and he has done so well with the treatment. However, he started to lose his energy and appetite, we basically have to hand feed him now, and will not take dry food at all, he will spit it out. Has anyone experience the same with their dogs? I really don’t know what else to feed him, we have tried cooked turkey, Gradma Lucy’s food, and we started with N/D canned food for dogs undergoin chemo. Does anyone has any suggestions what else can I feed my dog? Thank you!

    Canela’s mom

  11. Claudia S. Gunter Says:

    And by the way Rosie looks great! I hope my Canela can go back to his old self and look as good as Rosie looks! Thank you for creating this website!!

  12. Jackie Dolan Says:

    My beautiful 6 yr old lab has just been diagnosed with mast cell tumour /intermediate… where do I start with Q’s for my vet re: treatment options etc? Could really do with some info as its all so new!

  13. I have read all the blogs and feel really encouraged. I have been unfortunate enough to have had both my dogs struck down with cancer this year. My little x cross breed terrier Saffy, had her Spindle Cell tumour removed from her leg and followed up with radiotherapy and chemo in Jan and just had her 3 month check up and so far she is clear. My other dog, a x GS/Collie/Retreiver, Angus, was diagnosed in Feb with masses in both lungs, which due to location, they are unable to properly diagnose. He had every test avail, but still no proper diagnosis. We were told then that he would only live months. Since then the tumours have not grown as expected, but he has had two other, unrelated cancers. One a Hepatoid Carcinoma which he had removed approx 8 weeks ago and then they found an Anal Sarcoma on in the other anal sac. This was removed 4 weeks ago. We have now started him on Palladia, which he gets Mon, Wed and Fri. This is his 3 rd week and so far he is great with no side effects. He will have a check up tomorrow and a full review in 4 weeks to see if the masses have reduced or show no new signs of growth.
    We were offered Palladia at the beginning, but did not pursue it at that time as the outlook was very bleak, but as time has passed and the tumours?? have not behaved as predicted, we want to try and give him every chance. His story is a very unusual one. He is being looked after by The Glasgow School of Vets (part of The University and Beatson Centre) World renowned.
    Angus is about to turn 12 and is a wonderful dog. A real character in his own way. Quiet, but determined. Very clever and beautiful.

    We hope that the Palladia will treat all 3 of his cancers. At the moment he is well and happy, with a good appetite, in spite of having contracted Kennel Cough 4 weeks ago. Poor wee boy. He does not deserve it. But he is battling on and really deserves a break.

    Will keep you posted. Angus and Saffy’s mum.

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