Return to the “Old” Normal Life

Hi everyone.  Sorry it has been so long to write an update.  Rosie is doing great.  Two years ago when Rosie had been on Palladia for awhile I wrote about our “new normal” life with Rosie on Palladia.  Now I am happy to say we have returned to the “old normal” life as it was before Palladia.  What that means is Rosie is cancer-free (YEAH!) and is no longer on any medication…no Palladia and no blood pressure medicine because there is no sign of cancer and her blood pressure is normal!  The only difference from before is that now she is on a grain free dog food and takes nutritional supplements such as fish oil pills.

We are enjoying life with Rosie and hopefully she will be healthy for a very long time.  If your dog has recently been diagnosed  with mast cell cancer please know there is hope.

We are wishing each of you and your furry four legged kids the very best.

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4 Comments on “Return to the “Old” Normal Life”

  1. Magnolia's Mom, Amy Says:

    Wow! I am so happy for you and Rosie. May her good health continue, and may it inspire hope for others. Best Wishes from Magnolia’s Mom

  2. What wonderful news for all of you:)

  3. Oliver and Abbey's mom Says:

    My dog Oliver was just diagnosed with mesothelioma (sp?) cancer. We are weighing our options right now but your story has given us some hope. Here’s to making sure my little boy has an enjoyable life, however long that might be.

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