It Worked!

Rosie was diagnosed last week with high blood pressure due, they think, to the Palladia chemo drug.  So they took Rosie off of Palladia and put her on blood pressure medicine to bring down her blood pressure.  She went back to the oncologist this week to follow up on her blood pressure and it was normal!  Yeah!  I am so happy that the lowest dosage of blood pressure medicine worked.  She is going to continue on the blood pressure medicine but is not going back on Palladia.  Because of that decision, she will no longer have to take Prilosec, metoclopromide, and benadryl. 

Hopefully, everything can get back to normal and Rosie’s cancer stays away for a LONG time.  I hope everything is going well for all of you.  Good luck to you and God Bless.

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8 Comments on “It Worked!”

  1. Anne Laskin Says:

    How wonderful to hear this news. May you and Rosie have a long and peaceful life without cancer.

  2. Therese Says:

    Congrats to Rosie! I went searching for Palladia success stories for dogs with MCT and found you and Rosie. I hope things continue to go well!

    My dog Lydia has been on Palladia since November for her anal gland cancer. She’s doing great, she was originally diagnosed in 2008, and was put on Palladia after the cancer came back in November. I’ve blogged extensively about her cancer, just like you have Rosie’s.

    Now, my other dog, Archie, has been diagnosed with MCT and is going into have the tumors removed tomorrow. He’s 13 and doesn’t do well with anesthesia, so radiation is out. I’m hoping to get him started on Palladia soon though. So, it’s good to read your info about how Rosie’s done on it.

    Thanks for sharing Rosie’s story, and I hope she stays healthy!

  3. Nicky Pound Says:

    Lovely to hear the success stories, they keep me positive and hopeful that Jack will keep on going and that next time we go to the Oncologists the news will be better. Meanwhile Jack turned 10 today and promptly snuggled up to me to wake me up! He loves his tiny teddy biscuits in the morning and then proceeded to roll over onto his back for a belly scratch, something he doesn’t often do. He is now having a lie down with my husband who isn’t feeling well. I am going to buy him some seafood for his dinner tonight.

    • Nicky Pound Says:

      Can anyone tell me what they use to clean palladia stains off their dogs faces, Jack has been squirreling the tablets in his cheeks and spitting it out,

      • rosiesmom Says:

        I have not run into that issue so I don’t have a recommendation. Maybe someone at the oncologist or vet’s office can recommend something.

  4. Nicky Pound Says:

    Just an update on Jack, his tumor has shrunk by 4mm, 10%, so happy that the palladia is working, it is still being provided for free as they were given a lot of free samples whilst approval was being sought in Australia. Bad news for me but, a benign tumor under my brain has regrown for a 5th time and is causing headaches, but as usual Jack lies down with me while I rest and lets my husband know when I get up. He has been doing this since my 3rd surgery in 2002, such a good little companion.

  5. Nicky Pound Says:

    Palladia is being officially launched in Australia in Feb12, we have been asked to participate by being interviewed as part of the launch. 11 Months ago I remember crying and saying that Jack will survive and will become famous for surviving and for his courage and positive attitude. My husband did not share my faith at the time.

    • rosiesmom Says:

      Nicky, that is wonderful! I’m happy that you and others have one more treatment option available to you in Australia. Congratulations on being interviewed. I understand about having faith. When I first set up this blog, I made a statement that it would be about Rosie’s road to recovery. At the time the oncologists didn’t think she would live two more months; but I made that statement having faith she would recover, not know what was ahead of us. Thankfully, we have been blessed and she is still with us and we are back to life as normal before cancer and Palladia 2-1/2 after her diagnosis. Congratulations to you and Jack and your family.

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