Bye Bye Palladia….Hello BP Medicine

Hi everyone.  I have not posted in a while because there was nothing to report.  We have been enjoying time with Rosie.  Everything was status quo until 2 or 3 weeks ago.

One Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago Rosie started acting extremely anxious pacing the rooms, laying down but not getting comfortable and then walking around and pacing again.  She started digging outside which she did not do previously.  It is not like she was digging with a purpose.  She would dig in one direction and then turn around and dig and throw dirt back in the hole she previously dug.  It was more of an obsessive compulsive type of behavior. 

Our normally laid back lab was acting like an extremely stressed out dog.  I emailed the oncologist and she told me to stop the Palladia for a week.  We did that and Rosie’s behavior went back to normal.  The next week we started Palladia again.  After two treatments I noticed that she seemed more anxious but I wasn’t sure.  We gave her the third treatment that Friday and over the weekend she became much more anxious with shallow breathing, racing heartbeat, and pacing around the house and shaking nervously.  I again emailed the oncologist and she said to stop the Palladia again and we brought her in Wednesday for her regular checkup.

Rosie’s blood pressure was very high.  Everything else appeared normal.   The oncologist thinks this is caused by the Palladia.  High blood pressure is one of the side effects of Palladia.   The oncologist prescribed blood pressure medicine for Rosie.  Right now the Palladia is stopped and we are concentrating on bringing her blood pressure down.  I don’t know if the increase in blood pressure is temporary or not.  It is possible Rosie may have to stay on the blood pressure medicine indefinitely.  She said that it is possible, after the blood pressure is stabilized, to go back on Palladia together with blood pressure medicine.  However, at this time I am leaning toward not going back on Palladia.  Rosie has been on it two years and has gained two years of life because of it.   However, these current side effects have scared me.  I am hoping they are not permanent.  Rosie just started the blood pressure medicine yesterday.  So I still see some anxiety.  We go back next week to have her blood pressure checked again.

If your dog is taking Palladia please talk to your oncologist about checking the dog’s blood pressure.  In humans high blood pressure is called “the silent killer.”  In people it often has no symptoms.    Better safe than sorry to have it checked.

Good luck to everyone and I’ll let you know how Rosie’s check up goes.

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4 Comments on “Bye Bye Palladia….Hello BP Medicine”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for the valuable information. It’s information that all vets should give up front. What a scary thing to have happen, with no warning or advanced mention of the side effect. I’m glad Rosie is getting back to normal!

  2. Magnolia's Mom, Amy Says:

    Our prayers are with you.

  3. Nicky Pound Says:

    Thanks for the info Rosie’s mum, and good to hear Rosie is ok, Jack went back for his 3 month ultrasound as it has now been 7 months post op and 5 months on Palladia, the news was not good as the tumour had increased in length to 4.5cm, we were shocked as Jack looks and behaves so happy and healthy. The onco said that Jack with a lump in his tummy is better than no Jack at all and if the Palladia slows the growth rate down then that buys us extra time with him. He turns 10 on September 21 and we are having a joint birthday party on September 10, what kind of cake do you give a dog? He has become very bossy of late and will huff, puff and bark at us is we ignore him. He will cry if you don’t let him down to welcome people. He still likes his game of chasies in the morning.

    • rosiesmom Says:


      I’m glad the Palladia is at least slowing down the growth and providing extra time. Congratulations to you and Jack for another birthday! Those are wonderful to celebrate for dogs with cancer. I don’t know what kind of cake recipe a dog could have. I used a picture for the blog but Rosie did not have a birthday cake but she did get extra doggie treats that day. Good luck to you and Jack.

      Rosies Mom

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