Hello world! Let me introduce you to Rosie

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This is my favorite picture of Rosie.

This is my favorite picture of Rosie.

This is the story of Rosie’s road to recovery from cancer.  Rosie is our friendly, furry, four-legged child…..our loving yellow labrador retriever, adopted in December 2008.    Rosie was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor Cancer in June 2009, and this is the story of her journey with the newly released doggie chemo drug from Pfizer called Palladia.  Since Palladia was so new, I wanted to document Rosie’s progress on the drug and hopefully others will benefit from her experience.  We are very excited and thankful that this newly FDA approved canine cancer drug is available.  We are very thankful for Palladia’s success in sending Rosie’s cancer into remission.  To contact Rosie’s Mom, email rosiesmom@live.com.

Rosie Turned 14 and is Still Cancer Free

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It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since Rosie was diagnosed with cancer. We adopted her 2 days before Christmas 2008 when she was 8 years old.  In June 2009 she was diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors. It was a month after her 9th birthday. I could tell by the look on my vet’s face, it was not good.  We took her to a veterinary oncologist and they told us, if we did nothing, she would have 2 months to live. If we did chemo, there was a 30 something percent chance of success.

However, the same month Rosie was diagnosed, a new drug called Palladia, was released specifically for Rosie’s type of cancer. However, there were a LOT of unknowns at the time.  Even so, It was absolutely the best option we had. For us, it was the answer to a prayer.

In August of 2009 Rosie started on the Palladia.  She was on it for a couple of months.  Then she was declared cancer-free. However, at the time, they thought the dog would have to take the Palladia for the rest of her life.  She she continued on the Palladia for over 2 years until at one check up they checked her blood pressure and it was sky high.  It was the Palladia.  Once they took her off of it, her blood pressure went back to normal.

After 5 years I cannot tell any lingering side effects.  The blood pressure was the most worrying but did not last.  Most side effects stopped after she went off of the Palladia.

If I were to do it again (which I hope I never ever have to) I would take the same course of action.

I’m sorry I have not kept up with the latest treatments these last few years.  We have been busy just living life.

For more information, I recommend joining the Canine Mast Cell cancer group on Yahoo.


I don’t check this blog very often any more.   I recommend the above group for questions and discussions.

And Rosie has been cancer free since October 2009.  It is now May 2014 and she turned 14 this month and is still cancer free.


Living Cancer Free and Loving It

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Hi everyone!  It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here and some have requested an update on Rosie.  She is doing great!  Loving life and still cancer free after three years.

As I work full time and am not posting on the blog as often as I used to, there may be a delay when responding to comments or emails.  I highly recommend joining the Yahoo Canine Cancer support group as they are very active and  supportive.  http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/CanineCancer/

As for Rosie, she does remind me every so often that I do spend too much time on the computer and all work and no play make for a boring Mom and a bored dog.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you battling this disease.  Wishing you only the best.

Merry Christmas 2011 From Rosie’s Family to Yours

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Rosie's 2011 Christmas Photo


Rosie’s Christmas photos came in last week.  This is another reminder of how blessed we are to have Rosie with us.  It was August 2009 when Rosie was diagnosed, the second time, with Grade II Mast Cell Tumors, with an estimated 2 months to live.  Here we are at Christmas 2011 and Rosie is alive , healthy and cancer free!  Thank you to the folks at Pfizer who made Palladia, Rosie’s vet and oncologists who have treated her through this disease, and to our friends and family who supported us.  Merry Christmas to everyone from Rosie and her family!

Return to the “Old” Normal Life

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Hi everyone.  Sorry it has been so long to write an update.  Rosie is doing great.  Two years ago when Rosie had been on Palladia for awhile I wrote about our “new normal” life with Rosie on Palladia.  Now I am happy to say we have returned to the “old normal” life as it was before Palladia.  What that means is Rosie is cancer-free (YEAH!) and is no longer on any medication…no Palladia and no blood pressure medicine because there is no sign of cancer and her blood pressure is normal!  The only difference from before is that now she is on a grain free dog food and takes nutritional supplements such as fish oil pills.

We are enjoying life with Rosie and hopefully she will be healthy for a very long time.  If your dog has recently been diagnosed  with mast cell cancer please know there is hope.

We are wishing each of you and your furry four legged kids the very best.

It Worked!

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Rosie was diagnosed last week with high blood pressure due, they think, to the Palladia chemo drug.  So they took Rosie off of Palladia and put her on blood pressure medicine to bring down her blood pressure.  She went back to the oncologist this week to follow up on her blood pressure and it was normal!  Yeah!  I am so happy that the lowest dosage of blood pressure medicine worked.  She is going to continue on the blood pressure medicine but is not going back on Palladia.  Because of that decision, she will no longer have to take Prilosec, metoclopromide, and benadryl. 

Hopefully, everything can get back to normal and Rosie’s cancer stays away for a LONG time.  I hope everything is going well for all of you.  Good luck to you and God Bless.

Bye Bye Palladia….Hello BP Medicine

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Hi everyone.  I have not posted in a while because there was nothing to report.  We have been enjoying time with Rosie.  Everything was status quo until 2 or 3 weeks ago.

One Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago Rosie started acting extremely anxious pacing the rooms, laying down but not getting comfortable and then walking around and pacing again.  She started digging outside which she did not do previously.  It is not like she was digging with a purpose.  She would dig in one direction and then turn around and dig and throw dirt back in the hole she previously dug.  It was more of an obsessive compulsive type of behavior. 

Our normally laid back lab was acting like an extremely stressed out dog.  I emailed the oncologist and she told me to stop the Palladia for a week.  We did that and Rosie’s behavior went back to normal.  The next week we started Palladia again.  After two treatments I noticed that she seemed more anxious but I wasn’t sure.  We gave her the third treatment that Friday and over the weekend she became much more anxious with shallow breathing, racing heartbeat, and pacing around the house and shaking nervously.  I again emailed the oncologist and she said to stop the Palladia again and we brought her in Wednesday for her regular checkup.

Rosie’s blood pressure was very high.  Everything else appeared normal.   The oncologist thinks this is caused by the Palladia.  High blood pressure is one of the side effects of Palladia.   The oncologist prescribed blood pressure medicine for Rosie.  Right now the Palladia is stopped and we are concentrating on bringing her blood pressure down.  I don’t know if the increase in blood pressure is temporary or not.  It is possible Rosie may have to stay on the blood pressure medicine indefinitely.  She said that it is possible, after the blood pressure is stabilized, to go back on Palladia together with blood pressure medicine.  However, at this time I am leaning toward not going back on Palladia.  Rosie has been on it two years and has gained two years of life because of it.   However, these current side effects have scared me.  I am hoping they are not permanent.  Rosie just started the blood pressure medicine yesterday.  So I still see some anxiety.  We go back next week to have her blood pressure checked again.

If your dog is taking Palladia please talk to your oncologist about checking the dog’s blood pressure.  In humans high blood pressure is called “the silent killer.”  In people it often has no symptoms.    Better safe than sorry to have it checked.

Good luck to everyone and I’ll let you know how Rosie’s check up goes.


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It’s Time To Celebrate


Happy 11th Birthday Rosie!  You have no idea how excited I am to be able to say that.   Two years ago I don’t think anyone believed she would make it to her 10th birthday much less her 11th birthday.   To have Rosie an additional 2 years has been such a blessing!  Thank you to everyone who has helped with her care.

We hope and pray that we have Rosie with us for a LONG time to come.  She will definitely receive extra treats today.   I pray for everyone’s dogs to be as fortunate as Rosie!  I hope they are happy and healthy for a long time to come!  Give your dogs a hug for Rosie.  Go ahead and send Rosie happy birthday wishes by leaving a comment.

Rosie Survives Cancer But Risks Her Life Acting Like A Lab

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My plan was to update everyone on Rosie’s results from her visit to the oncologist.   Any dog on Palladia has to go back to the oncologist or vet every six weeks for bloodwork,  and other tests, and receive an ultrasound every 12 weeks.  So this was one of Rosie’s 12 week visits in which she had all the tests and ultrasound.  In her oncologists words, her bloodwork, ultrasound, and all other tests were “beautiful.”  Everything was normal.   That was music to my ears.  My husband and I were thrilled to hear that.

How does Rosie celebrate?  She went into the back yard and then dug under the storage shed and crawls under it and then gets stuck.  Her collar came off under there; and she almost didn’t get back out.  My husband had to help pull her out.  Thank goodness she didn’t choke, or get cut, or worse.  She scared us to death.

I have been writing all this time about doing everything we can to save our dog’s life by beating this cancer and then she does this!  But dogs will be dogs; and of course she is a lab.  We will be putting cinder blocks under there to try to prevent her from digging.  If anyone has any other ideas, we welcome suggestions.  Also, one of us will always have to be with her in the backyard.

Hope everything is going well for everyone.  Good luck to all of you.

Canine Cancer Emotional Support and Financial Assistance

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 I often receive questions from dog parents who want to talk to someone who has been through what they are currently going through.   I believe this blog can help.  However, I’m just one person.  Therefore, I want to share links to some wonderful support groups.  

The first link is to a support group for parents of dogs specifically with Mast Cell Cancer.   This is a fairly new group.  I wish it was available when Rosie’s MCT was diagnosed:  http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Canine_Mast_Cell_Tumor/

Here’s a support group for all types of canine cancer:   http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/CanineCancer/

 It is often extremely helpful to talk to others who either have gone through or are currently going through the same situation.  It is sad that there are so many people whose dogs are dealing with this disease.  However, these groups provide wonderful support that can help you get through this difficult time.  They also have a lot of resources to help you.  Check out their files and links section as well as the discussion.  You will be asked to join the group. Just click on the button “Join Group” and the moderator will contact you.

Also, while I mentioned this in a previous post, I did not specifically include the link.  So, here is a link to a list of organizations that provide financial assistance to help people pay for medical care for their dogs.  This is one of the most comprehensive lists that I have found.


Also, there are numerous links to additional resources of all types of the side of the home page of this blog.  Go to the home page:  https://rosiesroad.wordpress.com and then scroll down and you will see the links on the right side.

Rosie’s Cancer Survival Tail

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Yeah….Rosie is doing wonderful and no visible cancer!  She had a great check up with her new oncologist.  Her previous oncologist moved out of state.  Her new oncologist said she saw no concernns re: Rosie’s tests and that she was a “sweetie.”  I agree….but of course I’m not biased!  😉

She has been doing much better.  The hind end weakness is only occasional and not very bad.  It has been much better since we stopped the Palladia for a week.  She has been back on it for 6 weeks and we just received another refill for 6 weeks.  She will go back to the oncologist in another six weeks.  That is the life of a dog on Palladia.  You get to see an oncologist every six weeks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you whose furkids are dealing with the “C” word.  Good luck to all of you.